24th April 2018


A man arrested in connection with a fatal collision involving two police vehicles has been released from custody after 2 weeks.  His release comes as investigators say they are turning their attention to a police officer who was driving one of the vehicles involved in the collision.  The original suspect turned himself into police after he was accused to failing to stop at a checkpoint.  Prosecutors then controversially charged him with manslaughter claiming that this misdemeanour led to the police pursuit which ended in tragedy, even though he was not in the vicinity of the accident when it happened.  They say he had to stay in custody while they interviewed all relevant witnesses, although normally only suspects considered a threat to the public or able to compromise witnesses are held in detention. 


German police raided a house not far from Merzig yesterday at the behest of French investigators looking into the installation of a memorial for Nazi SS soldiers.  The tombstone was erected in France on a plot of land owned by a German citizen.  German police say the 34 year is known to be active in extreme right-wing politics.  The French investigators say the part of Lorraine where he is accused of erecting the memorial is becoming an increasing popular gathering place for neo-Nazis.


A man was given a suspended sentence for raping one of his daughters, and sexually abusing two others.  The court heard the attacks took place in the period between 2010 and 2014.  The victim was only 10 years old when they began.  The man denied all charges during his investigation and trial.  The 8 year sentence is fully suspended, which is a unusual decision by the court.  People convicted of raping 10 year olds are usually given some sort of custodial sentence in Luxembourg.


The new Carlex production line in Grevenmacher got up and running yesterday.  The windscreen specialist has invested 25 million euros in the facility.  It won’t increase output, but it will allow Carlex to make more sophisticated products for its customers.  530 people work at Carlex at Grevenmacher creating windsows mainly for the worlds swankiest cars.