25th May 2018


Diekirch criminal court yesterday gave a three year suspended sentence to a man convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography.  The primary school teacher was caught after Interpol tipped off local prosecutors as part of an international operation which identified him from his IP address.  Thousands of illegal images and videos were found on his computer.  As well as the suspended sentence, the man will be forced to undergo psychiatric treatment, and he has been banned for 10 years from any activity which would bring him into contact with children.


Two men were convicted yesterday of manslaughter at the central criminal court.  The charges stem from a fight at a shelter for homeless people at Findel in 2014 which resulted in the death of a man who had sustained head injuries.  The prison sentences of 8 and 4 years bring to an end a long legal battle to bring the men to justice.  One disappeared after a legal ruling released him for custody, saying he couldn’t be held while the other suspect had still not been caught.


Customs officers found five people hiding in the back of a large truck when they stopped it yesterday at Dudelange.  One of the stowaways hiding among load of wood was a child.  They apparently come originally from Iraq, and the truck was headed for Britain.  The driver apparently was unaware of their presence.  The stowaways have no been handed over to the refugee authorities here.


9% of the nation’s workers are on fixed term contracts, according to new data from Eurostat.  That puts Luxembourg well below the European average of 14%.  More than a quarter of employees are on fixed term contracts in Spain and Poland, for example.  The data also shows that young people are much more likely to not have a permanent contract.  40% of those under 25 are in this situation, which is still just below the European average.


The collective agreement for the construction industry has run-out.  Nothing will change for the country’s 18 000 building workers though until a round of arbitration between unions and management has taken place.  Before that there is a 16 week period during which they can continue talks, although so far the two sides have not come close to agreement.  After a series of tough years at the start of the decade, construction is booming again, and unions say it is time some of the spoils should be shared with workers.


The redevelopment of the Place d’Etoile area of the capital will not now feature a luxury shopping mall. Its developers, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority intend now to focus entirely on residential accommodation.  They intend to remain the owners of the dwellings for the most part and put them up for rent.  The Place d’Etoile has been a target for redevelopment for decades, but it was only in 2016 that the city authorities were able to complete the legal moves to acquire all the land.