17th March 2018


The right of centre ADR party held its annual conference at the week-end.  Senior figures were in a buoyant mood, telling delegates this could be the year when the party could get into government.  Parliamentary leader Gast Giberyen said a target of 5 MPs was realistic, sensing the public mood was swinging behind the party over issues like the Luxembourgish language.  With that level of representation, Mr Giberyen said the CSV would have no choice but to consider the ADR as a partner.  CSV leader Claude Wiseler has already ruled out any coalition with the ADR, much to their chagrin.

The Left party also held their conference this week-end.  They currently have two MPs and also see opportunities in the current political environment.  Social and economic justice will be at the heart of their campaigning this year.  The lack of affordable housing is just one issue which the Left say is angering voters and where other parties aren’t willing to consider effective solutions.  The party will publish its manifesto next month.


Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was honoured with an award for his commitment to Europe on Friday.  The Steiger prize, awarded in Dortmund, cited Mr Bettel for his fairness, humanity, transparency and tolerance.  The jury said the Luxembourg prime minister had Europe running in his blood, and that he had worked tirelessly to support the European Union.  This will come as a surprise to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, who in December slammed Mr Bettel over the latter’s determined opposition to EU moves to create a single corporate tax regime.  Mr Juncker said Mr Bettel’s position was a mistake of historic proportions.


On Saturday the Prime minister fell into the river Gander at Mondorf.  He was taking part in a communal clean-up effort when he stepped into a part which was a bit deeper than he thought, and gave himself a mild ducking.  His battle with the raging torrent is chronicled in a Facebook video.  Mr Bettel said he alright after his ordeal, and that he will pay more attention in future.to people who shout, mind out, it gets a bit deep there.


Two teenagers were fined on Saturday night after taking one of their mum’s cars out for a spin.  Police spotted the car driving erratically through Steinsel in the early hours.  Instead of the usual drunk, they found the boy and his girlfriend, both dressed in their pyjamas.  Neither had a driving license.  And a man was fined in Rollingen the same night after calling the police because he’d been robbed.  He’d invited a young woman back home for some vodka, he told the officers, but she had simply made off with his wallet soon after she’d had her drink.  The police however noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the house, and searched the man, recovering some of the drugs.


Esch sur Alzette have released details about the new treehouse hotel they are building in the Galgebierg park.  It will consist of three little houses up on stilts, which will be able to accommodate 16 people.  Costs for a room for four people will start at around 150 euros a night. It is hoped that it will open within the year, and that there will be enough tourists twee enough to lead to an 80% occupancy rate.   8 new staff will be taken on to run the tree house hotel, in what must be the second oddest job descriptions in Esch.  The council already employs several pigeon risk control executives, whose principal role is to shake eggs in the Galgebierg park dovecote.