The Show With No Name

Stephen ‘Steps’ Lowe has been around the block. A few times, it’s fair to say.

Between various stints (and numerous shows) at Ara City, he’s been a sports teacher, journalist, worked in Film, music promotion and towed the more sedate lines of the finance and insurance industries.

Back on air after an extended hiatus, Steps returns to the mixing desks ready to entertain and confuse in equal measures.

Steps brings his trademark energy, passion for music, scattershot delivery and ramshackle take on the world, to shows on Mondays: 9am-12 Noon, Tuesdays: 10am-12 Noon and Wednesdays: 12 Noon-2pm.

Alongside breaking new acts and classic tunes, expect Live Phone Ins, lively debate, weekly features, quiz spots and a touch of the unexpected.

Stephen Steps Lowe's The Show With No Name.

Contact him via:


Twitter: @StepsLowe


Sam Steen