A resident at Sadler Wells ballet, Wayne McGregor is avant-garde, progressive and award winning and on the 27 and 28th of March he returns to the Grand Théàtre to tell his life story in dance. McGregor has won accolades and awards around the world and in summer of 2017 he embarked on arguably his boldest and most intimate collaboration to date, as he allowed world-leading geneticists to sequence his entire genome. This very personal journey into his biological roots laid many things bare, and according to the dancer dramatically altered his viewpoint of his own life-story. In this dance piece Wayne questions the very meaning of individuality and willingly spirals back into the ancestral past of our species. McGregor’s adventure into his autobiography allows him to ask  fundamental questions about how to understand a life.

Friday 27 APRIL 2018 à 20h00 (tickets)
Saturday 28 APRIL 2018 à 20h00 (tickets)